Friday, July 4, 2014

Godzilla- God NO

The trailers for this movie had my hopes high.  While the reviews have been decent overall I was quite disappointed in this movie, as I have been in so many this year.
The film starts interestingly enough, with a strong performance by the incredible Bryan Cranston.  However, the groundwork, well laid, leads nowhere fast.  Once Cranston exits the action, my interest exited as well.
The run time of 123 minutes seems like it should have been appropriate, but we don't actually see Godzilla until close to an hour in to the movie.  Which made the build up tedious.  Once the action starts we actually see more of the MUTO, secondary "monsters", then we do of Godzilla.  Godzilla ends up fighting these clumsy moth-like creatures, with gangly limbs, and less then powerful or menacing characteristics, in very forgettable, darkly lit, uninspired fight sequences.  Where the "monsters" come from, how they were reactivated, what they are trying to accomplish, where they are trying to go, and what the point's all left murky at best.  I found it hard to follow, or care about, the plot.  The writing, the direction, the flow of the action sequences and fight scenes, and the acting were all poor.  Other then that though...........
Our hero, Ford, played by relative unknown Aaron Taylor-Johnson, deserves special mention.  He gives a performance that will soon be forgotten.... bordering on embarrassing.  He seemed far out of his depth and I'm sure will go back to being unknown very soon.  Most of the acting in this movie, apart from Cranston, was sub-par......... and that's being kind.  Even the talented Ken Watanabe was made to appear wooden.
I have a million other little things that annoyed me about this movie, but I think I'll adhere to "if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all".
Maybe X-Men?